Modeling with the Bridge Tool in Cinema 4D

The beauty of working with modern 3D design tools is that you can achieve the same results through duplication and modification rather than creating each element of a design piece by piece. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Bridge tool in Maxon Cinema 4D R15.

This tutorial is taken from our Cinema4D R15 Training course, available as a DVD-ROM and download for $99.95 or streaming through the Learning Library plan. It includes more than 5 hours of beginner-focused training familiarizing you with the program’s core tools and modeling, lighting, and animation techniques.

Making a Connection

The function of the bridge tool is essentially to connect edges, points, and polygons through 3D space, or to essential fill in the gaps. The bridge tool can be found in all three modes through a right-click context menu in your workspace, as shown below.


Seeing It in Action

In this video clip from Chapter 5 of the training, author and designer Chris Martin walks you through using Bridge in each of the 3 modes.



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