How To: Export a Walkthrough in Revit

Walkthroughs are internally made in Revit, and they can be a big help for designers and architects to visualize how their project is progressing. In our Revit – Rendering and Visualization training course, expert author Ed Cotey takes you through the steps of exporting a walkthrough. 

If you’re looking to evaluate the design intent of your project, or want to enhance the communication with your client, then exporting a walkthrough is a great way to do so. You will be able to show the walkthrough outside of Revit as an .AVI file, and you can further enhance the walkthrough with sound and other visual aids.

How to export the walkthrough:


To set up the walkthrough as an export, start by going to the upper left corner and clicking on the blue R>Export>Images and Animations>Walkthrough. This will bring you to the length/format dialog box, where you’ll have two options for how you want to record the walkthrough. The first option is to record all frames, or you can choose the exact frames option and shorten the walkthrough by selecting the exact number of frames you want to record.

Staying in this dialog box, you’ll notice that you can select a visual style under the format header. These styles allow you to choose colour or no colour, and several other options depending on the look you’re going for. You can also adjust the dimensions for the specific screen size you’ll be previewing the walkthrough on. Once you hit ok, you can specify where you want to save the exported walkthrough, then hit save. As the walkthrough is being exported, you’ll be able to watch this process and see the .AVI file being created on your screen.


Once you’ve created and modified your walkthrough, you can export it for a presentation to an .AVI file format. You can add sound and additional features to make it into an effective presentation for a client. If you’d like to learn more, check out the video below, taken from our Revit Architecture training course.




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