5 Benefits of Online Learning

If you’re in the market to learn a new skill, let us tell you why online training is the way to go. With over 300 courses (and counting!) available on our website, with topics ranging from AutoCAD to Photoshop, we know a thing or two about online training, and want to help you determine if it’s right for you. Like everything else, it does have its disadvantages, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. In this post, we’re highlighting our top 5 benefits of online learning. 

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A sample of courses available on our website

Top 5 Benefits:

The first benefit of online learning is learning at your own pace. With online training, you are able to learn on YOUR schedule. This is especially ideal for working professionals looking to improve their skills. Whether you’re looking for career advancement, making a career change, or just want to learn a new skills, online learning is the way to go.

The second advantage is being able to balance learning and life. People who want to improve their skills might be working full time or have a family to care for. With online learning, you can learn when YOU want, and not have to sacrifice your job or time with family.

The third benefit of online training is that it’s cost-effective. If you’re looking to develop your skills, but not break the bank, then look to learn online. Our courses range from $24.95-99.95 for a single course, or you can subscribe to our online learning library for $25/month and gain access to our entire course library.

Our fourth benefit to online learning is the wide variety of subjects available at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to just brush up on your Photoshop skills, or want to earn your MCSA certification, you’ll be able to find a course online that will teach you what you need to know to accomplish your goals.

And finally, our fifth reason for choosing online learning is accessibility. As long as you have an Internet connection, you are able to learn whenever, wherever. We offer training DVDs, instant digital downloads so you can get started right away, our online learning streaming service, and an iPad/iPhone app so you can take your learning on the go.

  • People with low motivation may find it difficult to learn online.
  • Without routine structure you might get lost or confused.
  • Slow Internet connection.
  • Managing working files and online learning software can sometimes seem complex for those with beginner-level computer skills.

While there seems to be a few disadvantages associated with online learning, we feel that the pros outrank the cons. Check out our website to see how you can get started with online learning, and browse through our wide selection of training courses and watch the free videos that are available.



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