Using Animation Features in Solidworks

Once you’ve mastered the basic drafting and 3D modeling techniques to create your own parts and assemblies with SolidWorks, adding animation can take your designs one step closer to reality. In this post, we’re highlighting our newest SolidWorks short course on animation techniques and offering 5 free videos to get you started.

Presented by trainer Matt Perez, the SolidWorks Animation Tutorial Video features 32 separate lessons, with a rich set of project files that let you easily follow along. You’ll learn how the basic keyframe and timeline features work, how to use the program’s built-in wizards for simple presentation views, and how to create and configure kinematic effects that accurately demonstrate the real world mechanics of your parts.

The course can be ordered as a digital download for $24.95 from the product page, or can be viewed instantly online through our unlimited Learning Library plan. If you’re just still coming to terms with the basic SolidWorks toolset, the library option is a great choice, as it gives you access to all of our SolidWorks beginners course and hundreds of training videos on related CAD topics.

To get a closer look at the new SolidWorks Animation series, here are 5 free lessons from the course:

What to Expect from the Course

Introduction to the Motion Manager

Explode and Collapse Animations

Kinematics: Assembly Motion Check

Kinematics: Adding Motors and Motor Types



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