How to Enable Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 Update has brought some inevitable stability improvements and a host of new features and conveniences worth exploring, especially if you’ve been hesitant to upgrade to Windows 8. In this post we’ll be looking at the Quiet Hours feature that is especially useful for those running the OS on a tablet, smartphone, or multimedia device.

This tutorial is taken from our brand new Windows 8.1 New Features Tutorial Video course, by IT expert Erin Olsen. It is a supplement to our 9-hour Windows 8 Training series, which covers the fundamentals of Microsoft’s latest platform along with power user tips. Both courses can be purchased individually, or can be viewed streaming online through our unlimited Learning Library plan.

Accessing Quiet Hours Settings

Quiet Hours allows you to set a length of time in which you will not receive alerts from text messages, IMs, or basic apps. It’s perfect if you’re a light sleeper, or want to keep your personal device under wraps while you’re on the job. You do have an option to let phone calls pass through, and we’ll show that below.

Getting to the Quiet Hours setting is simple. From the Windows 8 start screen, you’ll just need to click on the PC Settings tile.


From the Settings menu, you’ll want to enter the Search and apps category, and go to the Notifications subsection. Underneath the main notifications options, you’ll see a separate section titled Quiet Hours (shown below).


Here you’ll have a simple series of dropdown menus to set a daily start time and stop time of your Quiet Hours. You have a toggle button to turn Quiet Hours on and off, and also an option to receive calls while all other notifications are disabled.


Currently there is no easy way to set multiple Quiet Hours periods, though hopefully Microsoft will add this in the future. As noted on the configuration screen, the quiet mode is temporarily disabled if you choose to use your device during that time.

Avoiding Confusion

Directly below the Quiet Hours settings is an app-by-app toggle list for notification settings. Please be aware that this is not related to Quiet Hours, and are your global notification settings for the apps when in normal operation. Currently you cannot prioritize specific apps to bypass Quiet Hours.



To see Erin go through these settings in real time, here is a quick video lesson from Chapter 2 of the full Windows 8.1 training course.



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