Getting Started with Corona SDK App Development

We’re highlighting our brand new Corona SDK training course for beginning app developers, and featuring 5 free lessons from the training so you can get started today.

Following up on the success of our first Corona SDK app development tutorial and Corona Mobile Game Development training course, we have released a brand new Corona app-design series that brings our tutorials current with the most recent version of the SDK and respective iOS and Android devices.

If you’re not familiar with it, Corona SDK provides a seamless, beginner-friendly development platform that lets you create ‘universal’ mobile apps ready for use on both Android and iOS devices. Our new 4-hour Beginning Corona SDK App Development Tutorial by author Rafael Hernandez walks you through the creation of a basic app, one step at a time. Watch the featured videos below to see what you can expect from the training and to start learning now.

Intro to Corona SDK

Creating Images

Grouping Visual Assets

Handling Tap Interactions

App Icons and Splash Screens



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