Revit MEP 2015 Tutorial – Viewing the Model in 2D and 3D

Revit MEP is a powerful 3D modeling tool that focuses on three disciplines: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. In this tutorial, taken from our latest¬†Revit MEP 2015 training course, taught by expert author Tim Dundr, we’ll explain how to view your models in 2D and 3D.¬†

Revit originally started out as Revit Systems back in 2006, and has slowly taken on the form and shape of Revit MEP to catch up to the Revit Structure and Revit Architecture products. It is a fully fledge BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool that can easily handle any 3D project for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Here, we’ll show you how to view your models in 2D and 3D.

Viewing the Model in 2D:


Viewing a model in 2D is basically a slice through the model at a given point. There are several view types, including floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, and detailed views. You can find all of these view types in the bottom left Project Browser panel under Views. Learn all about the various views, including views for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing views, in the tutorial below:

Viewing the Model in 3D:


Everything that you design in Revit, for the most part, is a 3 dimensional object, meaning that it can be rotated, zoomed, spun around, and more. In the Project Browser in the lower left corner, expand the Views panel, then expand 3D Views to see subsections for electrical and mechanical. You can also look at the overall general 3D view of your plan. Learn all about 3D views in the tutorial below:




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