5 Essential Tutorials for Java Programmers

Our newest Java training course covers the essential tools and functions to get you started using the latest Java platform, Java 8. In this post, we’re sharing 5 exclusive video tutorials from the course.

In the course, expert author Mike Kelly starts out by showing you how to install the JDK (Java Development Kit). From there, Mike will teach you how to develop a project application from scratch, showing you how to create a project and package, as well as write and run your first Java class.  The course focuses on the creation of an app for a fictional airline company. See the video of how to create and run your first Java application below:

Next, Mike shows you the mechanics of writing, compiling, and running a Java application, as illustrated in the video below:

After you’ve written a class, you’ll want to make sure your class is working. A unit test is an automated test which creates an object from a class and runs every method in that class. You should create a unit test for every class you write. Here, Mike will show you how to create an automated test for a passenger class:

Moving on, Mike will teach you how to create a class that holds and allows you to operate on your data objects. See this process in the video below:

Finally, as a developer, you’ll want to provide good logging with everything that you write. Here, Mike will show you how to add logging statements to a logger:

If you want to learn more about programming with Java 8, visit our YouTube channel, or find the course on our website to watch more free tutorials and learn more about the course. Alternatively, you can sign up for our Learning Library, which features all of our content for one low monthly subscription fee.



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