Three Beginner 3ds Max Tutorials To Get You Started

Autodesk 3ds Max is a powerful 3D computer graphics program that boasts professional-grade features and rendering capabilities. Widely used among video game developers, our 3ds Max 2015 training course will teach you how to create and animate a scene where the character finds and retrieves a lost artifact from an ancient tomb, replacing the golden teapot with a rock.

Throughout the course, author Brian Mennenoh will cover key concepts to help you take full advantage of the features available in 3ds Max, including fundamental modelling skills, how to work with materials, basic and advanced lighting, and rendering techniques.

To help you get started with the course, and if you’re new to the software altogether, we’re sharing with you three important lessons from the course. Once you’ve developed your skills and worked through creating this project with Brian, you’ll be fully capable of creating your own projects with 3ds Max.

Transforming Objects Using the Transform Tools:

Brian teaches you how to use the transform tools, which are: select and move, select and rotate, and select and scale.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Speed up your ability to use the software by utilizing these time-saving shortcuts.

Using Modifiers and the Stack:

Take a closer look at modifiers and the modifier stack in this tutorial video.

Still want more? Head on over to view our 3ds Max 2015 training course, where you can watch more free tutorial videos, learn about the author, and continue building your knowledge of the software!



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