Realistic Rendering in Carrara 3D

In this post, we’re sharing tutorials from our new Carrara: Realism Rendering training course. While we already offer beginner and advanced training titles on Carrara, this topic-specific series goes a step further for creatives who want to express a truly realistic look and feel in their projects.

The new 4-hour Carrara tutorial is authored by expert Phil Wilkes, and can now be purchased as a DVD or digital download for $49.95. As with all Infinite Skills tutorials, it can also be viewed streaming through the unlimited Learning Library plan.

Thinking in Color and Light

When light hits a surface, it may be scattered, reflected, transmitted through the surface, or absorbed. Using Carrara’s built-in tools and workflow, you can express the effects in numerous ways.

In the videos below and throughout the course, Phil will teach you the underlying concepts of realistic modeling and the techniques to carry it out.

Rules For Realistic Materials

Environmental Lighting

Alternatives To Create More Realistic Direct Lights



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