6 Free Tutorials on Swift Programming

If you haven’t heard, Swift is Apple’s exciting new C-based language for developing apps for its iOS devices and OS X systems. Though it was announced less than a year ago, the first native Swift applications are now hitting the market with the release of OS X Yosemite, and thousands of programmers worldwide are rushing to learn the C-based language.

Just in time, we’re excited to announce a new course to get you started with Swift. With 49 separate tutorials, the Learning to Program with Swift training course will help the beginning or intermediate programmer learn the fundamentals of the language. It retails for $50.00 USD as a download or DVD, but may also be viewed instantly through our Learning Library, with unlimited desktop and mobile access starting at $25. Some programming background is recommended, as the course does not explain basic concepts such as classes and statements apart from how they are used in Swift.

In many ways Swift is an evolution of Objective-C, with all of the power but a faster, friendlier syntax more akin to scripting languages such as Python. In the following free tutorials featured from the course, you’ll learn a little more about what makes Swift so special and how it works.

Swift vs. Objective C

Defining Functions

Function Parameters


Intro to Automatic Reference Counting (Arc)

Strong and Weak References in Arc



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