Get Certified With Infinite Skills!

Did you know that with every Infinite Skills course you complete, we issue a certificate of completion? These certificates are great to have to help you get ahead in a competitive job market. 

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Certificate of Completion

Employers love to see that you’ve taken the initiative to learn a new skill, or have enhanced your existing skills. Listing your certificate on LinkedIn or on your personal resume is a great way to get noticed. We recently spoke with Kate Leuschen Millar, who has several Infinite Skills certificates listed on her personal LinkedIn profile, to see how having these certificates listed has helped her.

Kate is the Office Manager and EA to the President and CEO at Inspirit Foundation. She also holds several certificates, along with her formal education, from taking Infinite Skills courses, including Microsoft Excel for Beginners, Microsoft Access, and Creating a WordPress Website from Scratch.

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Kate’s certificates, as listed on her LinkedIn page

She took the courses to improve her own skills, and found they came in handy immediately. “I need to work with advanced formulas in Excel for streamlining some operations at the graphic design firm,” says Kate. “I can’t say I was rewarded for this, but I got some great feedback from the design and coding gurus when they saw the new systems in action.”

Kate has these certificates (four in total) listed on her LinkedIn profile page, and notes that she’s received comments about how her profile is compelling in the sense that it shows a full picture of her skills and experience. “I find having the names of the certificates in the profile allows the LinkedIn algorithms to drive more related content to me,” says Kate.

She also notes that the benefit of having the certificates comes after she’s in a new position. “My employer finds my skills are high in a certain area. The job descriptions in my profile don’t speak directly to why, the but certificates say, ‘Yeah, I pursued that skill and take it seriously’,” says Kate. She believes it further validates her performance as a result of attention and hard work.

Getting your certificate:

If you’re a member of our online Learning Library, it’s easy to get your certificate. Simply watch 100% of the training course, then once you’re finished, there will be a button saying “Get Certificate”. If you’d like to learn more about the certificates, you can contact our support team.



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