Working with Cut Lists in SolidWorks 2015

When designing a weldment in SolidWorks, the Cut List feature automatically tracks the structural members, plates, end caps, and gussets added to your project so that you effectively have a working Bill of Materials. This post features two tutorial videos that take a closer look at Cut List features and how to get the most from them.

While the Cut list tool is by and large automatic, it is not quite smart enough on its own to get everything right, and certain part types require you to manually provide additional information. In the following videos, you’ll get a basic introduction to the Cut list functionality and learn how to customize it for your project.

These lessons are taken directly from our new SolidWorks Weldments short course, authored by Dean Kerste. It’s just one of the latest training titles from our rapidly growing catalog of SolidWorks tutorials across our site.

Getting Started with Cut Lists

Additional Cut List Features



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