5 Ways to Sharpen Images in Photoshop

Simply sharpening and blurring images with Adobe Photoshop takes just a few clicks, but achieving exactly the results you want will depend on a combination of factors. In this post, we’ll walk through five different approaches to sharpening so that you can decide when and how to use them in your own photo projects.

While you certainly want to get the best image you can with your camera first, sometimes a bit of sharpening will help a photo overall. On the other hand, selective sharpening and blurring techniques can introduce an artistic angle that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reproduce. These videos cover using automated smart sharpening tools and also fine tuning through the use of more precise filters.

These tutorials are taken from our 9.25-hour Photoshop CC For Photographers Tutorial Video course from fan-favorite author Andy Anderson. Andy’s hands-on approach to photo editing demonstrates the extensive functionality of the most important Photoshop tools by digging into tucked away options and setting while showing his results in real time onscreen.

Sharpening Images The Photoshop Way

Working With Smart Sharpen

The Unsharp Mask Filter

Sharpening With The High Pass Filter

Focusing Attention With Sharpen And Blur



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