7 Tips for Creating Dynamic Dashboards in Microsoft Excel

We have released a new 5-hour course just for creating dynamic dashboards and report consoles in Microsoft Excel, and to get you started, we’re sharing seven free lessons from the training in today’s post.

Dynamic Dashboards allow you to take Excel workbook data and condense and present it in a way that is not only more organized and user friendly but actually useful for the viewer to make critical decisions. Unlike reports, well-designed dashboards do not require extensive analysis or interpretation. If you’re a regular user of Excel, you’ve probably not spent very much time thinking of it as a hardcore design tool, but this course will change that. You’ll push Excel to its graphical potential, and learn to think critically about the best way to visually present complex sets of information.

More free videos and all other information can be found on the Microsoft Excel – Creating Dynamic Dashboards tutorial product page. Led by Microsoft-certified trainer Erin Olson, the course features 54 separate lessons and can be ordered for $49.95. Like all of our courses it can also be viewed via instant streaming through the Learning Library.

In these featured videos, Erin showcases several aspects of the design skills you will master in the full course.

Managing Branding With Custom Themes

Creating The Navigation Bar – Part 1

Creating The Navigation Bar – Part 2

Creating The Navigation Bar – Part 3

Creating Charts For Dashboards

Understanding Interactive Dashboard Controls

Adding Actions To Buttons



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