Custom Cameras And Lights in SolidWorks

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our series of topic-focused SolidWorks short courses with our new Rendering and Visualization training. In this post we’re sharing a free chapter on using cameras to achieve the best results when creating a render for presentation.

Like our other SolidWorks short courses, Mastering SolidWorks 2015 – Rendering and Visualization is an intermediate-to-advanced course, going beyond our SolidWorks 2015 beginners training and focusing on individual skills that are critical in professional workflows. While modeling and creating parts assemblies will determine the real strength of your design, creating a visually impressive render can be just as crucial for generating the interest of clients, non-technical staff, and even the general public through sites such as Kickstarter.

The following three videos on cameras and lighting comprise Chapter 7 of the course; trainer Matt Perez ensures you are thoroughly familiar with the capabilities of the camera tools, before moving on to more advanced SolidWorks rendering options in later lessons.

The 46-lesson SolidWorks Rendering and Visualization tutorial video course can be ordered now as a download or viewed streaming instantly by subscribers to our all-inclusive Learning Library plan.

Camera Depth Of Field

Creating Fog

Creating a Light Bulb



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