Working with Flexbox Layouts in CSS3

Flexbox, short for ‘flexible boxes’, is a layout mode available in CSS3 that allows you to arrange and customize elements on a page without being restricted by the size of the end-user’s screen. In this post, we’re walking through the basics, with videos and sample files from our CSS Properties course.

The following three lessons featured below are sampled from our CSS3 Properties tutorial short course by Ben Jaffe. The focused training includes 47 separate videos on everything from text effects to new CSS3 selectors, with an emphasis on hands-on examples that pair sample code with real time coding onscreen.

To download the working files referenced in the videos below, click here. These videos will help you become more familiar with the flex module and get started with flexible design.

Layouts with Flexbox Part 1

Layouts with Flexbox Part 2

Layouts with Flexbox Part 3



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