Creating an Exploded View in SolidWorks 2015

Showing off a project or assembly with an exploded view is a fast and effective way to demonstrate your design work to both technical and general audiences. You are able to literally show how your design comes together piece by piece, with as little or as much detail as you’d like.

They’re also a lot of fun.

In this post, we’re sharing a quick hands-on tutorial on creating an animated or static exploded view in SolidWorks 2015. The lesson is narrated by Certified SolidWorks Expert Matt Perez, and taken from our 3-hour Mastering SolidWorks 2015 – Rendering and Visualization course. Available as an instant download or through our unlimited Learning Library plan, the advanced SolidWorks training goes through material selection, lighting, cameras, scene creation and more.

To download the working file used in the lesson, CLICK HERE.

Getting Started

SolidWorks makes creating exploded views relatively easy; the process is in many ways automated, but also includes additional configuration options for getting it just right. To get started, go to your Configuration Manager and right click on the configuration you’d like to display. From the context menu, simply choose New Exploded View, or choose Exploded View from the Assembly Tab at the top of the screen.


If your current configuration contains bolts or minor elements you do not wish to include, you can also create a new configuration and suppress those features. Matt shows how to quickly take care of this in the video below, and walks you through a full set of options for display, adjustment, and animation.

Video: Creating Your Exploded View



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