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Carrara 7 Training

Carrara 7 Training videos – Over 9 hours of high quality videos at a remarkable price

Authored by 3D artist and animation expert Phil Wilkes this Carrara training video takes a totally different approach to teaching how to create photo realistic 3D models and life-like animations. Gone are the weak tour type tutorials that others try to pass off as instructional guides, this training video is a “roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty” tutorial. From the off Phil shows how he uses Carrara, he shows the techniques that have resulted in his work being showcased on the Daz site, what’s more he shows how anyone can achieve the same level of results. Still not convinced? Watch a few of the free demos below.This course is available either via Instant Digital Download or on DVD, for more information and a full listing of all the 104 lessons visit the Carrara 7 Training Page